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Green Stuff Chains Sculpting Green Stuff Sculpting tutorials

Green Stuff Chains Sculpting Green Stuff Sculpting tutorials


... my Kharn conversion I knew I had to figure out a way to remake the chains wrapped around the model's arm. There are a few tutorials online on sculpting ...

How to sculpt chainmail with green stuff putty

chainmail Sculpting Tutorial | Creative. GREEN STUFF WORLD

First thing first, you could use some gloves. They will protect your work from finger prints. If you don't have them just be careful.

TJ here with a tutorial on making 3D Green Stuff chains from Dark Future Games. This tutorial was created by DFG author and sculptor Chris Vinton, ...

larger view, please note that the marks are small and made on all 4 corners

Green Stuff / Miscellaneous


You can always take some greenstuff away if you feel there is too much or add some if too little.

Lost In The Warp: GreenStuff Sculpting Tips from a Master

Side view tweezing

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larger view, please note that the marks are small and made on all 4 corners

Whilst I normally mix Magic Sculp with my Green Stuff, in this instance I stuck with plain Green Stuff. Begin by rolling out a very thin sausage keeping its ...

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Green Stuff Tutorial. Chain's And Pipes

When you have a mold roll out a sausage of Green Stuff and push it into the mold, carefully removing excess putty as best you can.

Pushing Around Green Stuff: Barbaric Fur. Sculpting ...

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Image That's it! Again as with most sculpting stuff ...


Quick 'n' Dirty Wickerwork Sculpting Tutorials

Kneadatite or 'Green Stuff' is a putty that comes in two parts, one blue and one yellow, usually in the form of either a ribbon or a tube.

Go here for a tutorial on sculpting Green Stuff chains.

HOW to sculpt CAPEs & CLOAKs - Green Stuff Tutorial - Spcae Marine Limited Captain 40k


A Quick 'n' Dirty tutorials for sculpting chains with greenstuff. The tutorials is made as an image file, for better sharing on forums.

I use Blu-Stuff, but whatever molding putty or medium you prefer should work.

Ok so now I need to decorate my champion's shield so I am making a small chain, my example is going to be very small but you can make your chain ...

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How to Build: Sculpting Green Stuff Chainmail


The main thing to worry about is the amount of greenstuff you have on your model. Keep looking at it form different angles to make sure yur not over ...

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Sculpting Barbaric Fur

Sculpting chainmail with a texture plate. P1070072 P1070073 P1070074 P1070075

Ok so firstly apply rough amounts of greenstuff to the area where you want the hair.


silcone putty for molding bits

Center holes made top view

Good planning is essential, avoid sculpting anything that will be covered later on, and sculpt first what could be sculpted only with difficulty after ...

Greenstuff, Sculpting, Tutorial

my very favorite sculpting tool!

Once you have all of your rows cut, you need to pat and pull each square of GS. Pat: gently press on the square with your sculpting tool, and without ...

P1070067 P1070068 P1070069 P1070070 P1070071

Roll 3 varying tubes of greenstuff.

Sculpting tool, green stuff, possibly a Craft Knife later.

Start with a piece of Green Stuff rolled out into a thin sausage (note in this example I'm making the chain fairly large to make it easier to see, ...

As will all modeling techniques, practice makes perfect, so don't be discouraged if you mangle your green stuff early on, you'll fall into a rhythm quick ...

54mm dwarf - work in progress :) #sculpting #dwarf #sciborminiatures # greenstuff #claysculpture

Sculpting Chain mail, Part 1

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After it is dry roll out another length of green stuff slightly smaller in thick ness. Now carefully press that into the holes on your chain so far.

If you have any questions at all about this tutorial, please feel free to email me at ahschmidt AT gmail DOT com.

Doooone, im not sure if I painted smoke...or broccoli #orks #weirdboy # greenstuff #scalemodel #tabletopgames #art #sculpture #fantasyart #scifi ...


dragonborn players handbook wizards of the coast

Here is the in progress shot before I sanded and painted. I used a toothpick as the core for both ends then just sculpted green stuff around it.

Texture Plate - ChainMail - Size M. Loading zoom

Creating your armature over a silhouette ensures that it will fit within the confines of your

I push it against the sides of his head, and work the green stuff so that a) it's got "hair" streaks and b) it appears to be growing out of his head.

After letting the first layer of green stuff dry more was added to the legs to create a bulkier area for the robe to rest against including a small flap to ...

Space marine cape sculpted

Here's ...


powercarving_18. “

No Blood Axe Warboss would be complete without a suitable hat. For this guy, I went with a peaked officers cap sculpted from greenstuff.

Sculpting putty was used to create pads on yoke as well as blend in the area where the horns were glued on.

sculpting tutorial - how to sculpt a chain with super sculpey

Ok so firstly I am going to be making the robes for my model. What I have done firstly is create a base for me to sculpt on with miliput.

I then started to bulk up the wire with blobs of green stuff. I added in some bitz around the head from an extra terminator front (from the lord box I ...

Just because you're covered head to toe in armor doesn't mean you can't wear more clothing: http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1336-green-stuff -black.

How to Make Miniature Cobblestone Bases Easily (Tutorial)

Cut and sanded-down injection needles of different diameters come in handy for that purpose, too. You will also need a piece of cork such as a wine bottle ...

miniature sculpting. Tutorial ...

Black templars primaris intercessors ...

Row by row, make vertical cuts until you get a grid pattern. With the ballooning that GS tends to do when you work with it, this will start looking a lot ...

This post is designed to be both a tutorial and review on some of the colour shift paints available today. Many of you are familiar with Green Stuff World's ...


... greenstuff. One of the best tools at your disposal is your pinky, gently glide it across the top to adhere the tube to the sculpting surface ...

dragonborn pewter miniature greenstuff

Oonagh, custom sculpt of a female halfling bard for one of our D&D group finally finished. . . . #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dndcharacter #dndminiatures ...

Novus describes how he fixes large structural bubbles in resin without Green Stuff or filler.

How to sculpt fur

I used Apoxie Sculpt for all fur, and Green Stuff for more minute details. In this photo you can see one of the furs on the first Dreadnought.

Decorating the Bases

I also use these chests as part of a Casting Miniatures tutorial. How to Sculpt a Miniature Treasure Chest

For the classic wolf skull and cross bones I created a push mold of an original using Apoxie Sculpt and used that to press a Green Stuff duplicate.

To get the arm to look right, I sculpted the deltoid muscles in the shoulder to make the joint look more natural. Once the green stuff ...

Once the mainstay of the smoothing work is over you can use your other tool to start sculpting smaller detail. In this case I have better defined one of the ...

His left arm is sculpted to fit over the rapier/ sash assembly. As you see, this still needs to be thinned out a bit.

... (painted sickly green?) add such an ostentatious finish to the leaders. Here's a simple tutorial, but more complicated things can obviously be tackled: