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West Sole A the first North Sea production platform in 1967

West Sole A the first North Sea production platform in 1967


West Sole A, the first North Sea production platform, in 1967.

The history of North Sea oil and future oil industry developments

West Sole gas platforms

7th March 1967. 'The Future of Britain in his Hands.'(1). Seismic prospecting for natural gas and oil ...

Sea Gem - photo courtesy of Dukes Wood Oil Museum

An oil platform is seen from the cruise ship in the North Sea off Norway.

Sea Quest. (Source: BP). Production platform ...

Production platform, 1975. (Source: BP)

West Sole A, the first North Sea production platform, in 1967. | Historical Highlights in 2019 | Oil, gas, Oil rig, Civil engineering

West Sole Gas Field

A 'Statfjord' gravity base structure under construction in Norway. Almost all of the structure was submerged.

Andrew Project production platform, June 1996. (Source: BP)

A historic oil platform off Santa Barbara turns into a rusty ghost ship - Los Angeles Times

Tourists gush about first-ever 'rig-spotting' cruise of North Sea oilfields

Two miles — and a 20-minute boat ride — from Isla Vista, Platform Holly is managed by the State Lands Commission and sits in state waters.

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The history of the North Sea Oil & Gas industry

Chevron began production from its Tahiti Field, the deepest producing field in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, in May 2009. One of the largest crude oil and ...

A historic oil platform off Santa Barbara turns into a rusty ghost ship - Los Angeles Times

Andrew Project production platform, June 1996. (Source: BP)

North Sea oil

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Figure 2: The Ill-fated Sea Gem, which made the first UKCS discovery, was a converted steel barge, supported on 10 steel legs 15m above the waves.

Oil and Gas of the Russian Arctic: History of Development in the 20th Century, Resources, and Strategy for the 21st Century

Kristin Plattform

Chart showing oil and gas production since 1970

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Oil & Gas Offshore Fixed Steel Structure Timeline

A west-to-east cross section of the complex Balder reservoir. It consists

North Sea oil North Sea oil and gas production to reverse 15 years of decline

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Is Guyana Prepared For An Oil Boom?

Minute-averaged CH4 mole fraction measurements made upwind and downwind of production platform, ID

Salt build-up /blockages in topsides equipment in the UK southern North Sea. (Courtesy Perenco UK/Oil & Gas Authority)

Figure 3: North Sea production rates, by year and by country. (Source: modified from Preem 2012)

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The Current Situation on the UKCS

Ships serving North Sea oil platforms at dock in the port of Aberdeen, Scotland.

... Chart showing oil and gas price since 2000

Relative abundance of sponge, fungal and “other eukaryotic” 18S rRNA gene sequences for

Figure 3 – UK Oil & Gas Production 2004 – 2014

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How much money is going to be spent decommissioning offshore oil and gas structures in the

Chris Peltonen, left, first visited Holly more than 10 years ago and has made dozens of trips to the platform aboard the crew boat.

Map of the North Sea showing the locations of all UK offshore oil/gas platforms

North Sea oil SNP call for apology after further North Sea oil discovery Oil and

The upper turret was installed in the Balder floating production vessel at the same time as

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Chart 4: Gas pipeline alternative routes for West of Shetland developments

Easington Gas Terminal


Hewett Unit area fields and discoveries.

The British sector has not been short of ambition, adventure, enthusiasm and risk-taking, and the North Sea was where it was at as far as subsea technology ...

Four acres close to the Sherman well sold for $220,000 as venture oil capitalists, entrepreneurs, and speculators tried their luck in the newly created ...

Figure 5: Geoseismic cross section in the Northern North Sea. (Source: the Millennium Atlas 2001 – modified from NPD)

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Balder's subsea system consists of up to 15 subsea wells, tied back to a production

ICE Brent Crude Price for the last year

Original recoverable petroleum resources in the North Sea as of 31.12.2018

Dave Bautista, left, a former operations supervisor on Platform Holly, recalls the years he spent working on the rig. He never imagined the platform would ...

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Extent of the spill on the ocean surface on February 5, 1969, showing the northward and southward extremes of observed oil during the year.

Pacific Coast Oil Co. Logo. Chevron's earliest predecessor ...

North Sea oil North Sea Field Shutdowns to Climb as Brexit Deepens Oil Gloom

Hewett Unit area generalized stratigraphic section.

The Iraq War Was Not About Oil

Heatmap of fungal OTUs in North Sea sponges and Mediterranean Sea sponges.

Roy Bates, along with his wife, Joan, and children, Penelope and Michael, raise the Principality of Sealand's flag, 1967.

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The little green spy boat seen from the old Nokia House in the Keilalahti bay, Espoo, Finland. Photo by Jari Ijäs on December 8, 2010, with a Nokia C7.

Now retired, he spent most of his life working on oil platforms in the Santa Barbara Channel.


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Figure 3: North Sea production rates, by year and by country. (Source: modified from Preem 2012)

Tacking The Ship

... Download full-size image. Fig. 1. Schematic of a generalized offshore oil and gas platform.

Hydrocarbon resources of onshore and offshore areas of the Russian Arctic. * without the resources

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Figure 1 Scotland, showing its location on the continental shelf offshore NW Europe (adapted from Google Earth).

In this scheme, two members are lithostratigraphic, the Kakwa and Musreau (equivalent to the Ram and Moosehound members of Stott, 1963, 1967), ...

Untitled (1967) by Minnie Evans. Courtesy of Cleo F. Wilson. Photo

Aerial view of the spill from Platform A. After the well was plugged on the rig, the high-pressure oil and gas left the well bore, ripping through the floor ...

Legend: Exploration Wells and Significant Discoveries


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Sheep grazing on the Antrim coast, Northern Ireland.

Similar isopach changes have been noted farther north (approximately 55°N latitude) by Burk (1962), and Hart and Plint (1990), using different Cardium ...

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(A) The Galson Beach at Melbost Borve, Lewis: 1 = modern ITRP – note the irregularity of the platform surface developed in closely fractured ...